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NYFW Spring Summer 2014

14 Sep

NYFW Spring Summer 2014

Our favorite looks from New York Fashion Week! Now on our Pinterest Board!

Fashion Faux Pas

20 Mar

It’s about time we talk about FFP, or Fashion Faux Pas. There are plenty of fashion criminals out there and we figured it’s about time we point some of them out!

WANTED! FFP who wears a color that is…well, “not their color”:

Kalen’s personal preference of purple is pretty well known. Her non-preference, purple with red. This is why when I saw this picture of the always (almost) stunning Christina Hendricks, I had to include it. This purple with her striking red hair that we love so much, is just not working. Maybe it’s the shade that makes it not work. There’s got to be a red-head out there that makes purple work. I have faith.

Back to basics, not every color is flattering on every body. There’s skin color, hair color, your heritage all to consider. For me, nude is BLAH. It totally washes me out. I LOVE the color, with a little hint of peach or pink. Works on my feet, not so much with my olive skin tone. Every one has a color that makes them shine, just remember, it’s not EVERY color.

WANTED! FFP who thinks this world and the high-fashion runway world are the same:

Rule number one: Just because you see it on the runway, does not make it ok to wear out in public…this rule obviously does not apply to Lady Gaga. Even Lady Gaga has to run out for coffee on a Saturday, and I’m sure her bird nest headpiece is not going with her on this Starbucks run. The fashion world is closely tied to the art world. Designers treat their “pieces” like works of art. They are over the top, eccentric, and catch the eye. This is in order to get the gossips going. Every designer wants to be talked about, so when you see a model walk down the runway in something that you’re pretty sure will not fit in your Mini Cooper, please know it’s only to get your attention. People still talk about things Jean Paul Gaultier put in his shows in the 80’s and 90’s. They even dedicated a museum show to it! Fashion is art to designers, and while it’s fun to look at and talk about, it’s not ok for you to wear it out to your local TGI Fridays.

WANTED! FFP who thinks they can wear ANY and EVERY thing:

Leggings are not pants. Spandex was not made for everybody. Not everything is flattering on every body. Just because skinny jeans look good on my 19 year old cousin, doesn’t mean they will look like that on this 31 year old body…post child. I’ve also learned the a shirt that stops just below your breasts and then flairs out, will always and forever make you look pregnant. This is why pregnancy tops are made like this. If you have large breasts, you are also limited in what you can wear. The woman with double D’s and an extra small shirt is not fooling anyone. If you sneeze, we know we are going to see those, ladies!

Let me also take a minute to explain something else: there is a fine line between sexy and slutty. Case in point, this chic to my right. This was taken off Google images, at what I am pretty sure was the Royal Wedding. The only person I know to pull off this look was Britney Spears, pre-children, late 90’s, and during a performance show. This lady is neither Britney, nor performing. This makes her a FFP. Keep dress like that where it belongs, at a funeral, so that someone can say ‘Oh so and so would be rolling over in his grave if he saw her dressed like that!’ It’s entertaining at least for the rest of us.

WANTED! FFP who thinks it is okay to wear cowboy boots and shorts:

Please pardon me for a minute while I pick on the Aggies. As a Longhorn, myself, I never understood why it is socially acceptable for MEN to wear shorty shorts and cowboy boots. Apparently it’s to wear during the Chili Cook Off…? Please correct me if I am wrong here! My good friend Brandi, poor thing, is a Aggie. I know, I know, she can’t be changed, but I still love her. She found this adorable picture for me of her son Luke. Luke was 3 in this picture. Luke has since turned 8, but I’m sure this picture will come out when it comes time for his Mom to embarrass him on prom night. Sorry Luke, the internet is forever. Needless to say, adorable right? At 3, adorable. At 21, not so much. We’ll give you a pass one day a year for your Chili Cook Off thing, after that, we’ll point and make fun of you and laugh.

(By the way, I couldn’t find any Aggies online with pics of this such look, so feel free to share if you have any. Thanks so much!)

WANTED! OFFP, or Orange Fashion Faux Pas:

Like we mentioned before, orange looks great on certain people. This is not the type of orange we are talking about though. I’m talking about the fake tan orange people turn and think looks good. As my one of my favorite actresses Natalie Portman said in No Strings Attach, ‘Someone call Charlie Brown, tell him we found The Great Pumpkin’. Tan is ok, or if you prefer pasty, hey to each their own. Orange, never ok. Just wanted to be clear on that.

Well now this concludes our first ever Fashion Faux Pas WANTED list. I’m sure there are plenty more to chose from, and I’m also sure this won’t be our last visit to said list. As fashions come and go, we can always look back and laugh and be stunned in disbelief that we wore that. Fashion is cyclitic though too. As we’ve learned in the world of vintage, just because it “goes out of style” doesn’t mean it won’t rear its ugly head again.